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Bravely is a blog about mental health, well-being and life – the good bits and some others that are not. I also write about family and domestic violence and abuse issues impacting far too many women in Australia and worldwide – so heads up on the trigger warning.

But why Bravely? What do we mean when we talk about being brave?

Although entirely valid, for now, though, let’s think bigger than confronting the Huntsman running swiftly across your floor, making a beeline towards your dark and very huntsman-homely wardrobe. For now, perhaps consider brave in the context of growth, finding strength and creating change—Huntsmans for another story.

Consider what being brave means to you. Perhaps being brave means going back to study when you thought you were too old. Possibly applying for that promotion by casting aside those years of self-doubt. Maybe being brave is taking the leap and turning your hobby into a money-maker.

Perhaps being brave means starting the family you always wanted because there is no perfect time. Is brave about being single for a while, knowing you are all that you need? Perhaps it’s about ending a relationship that no longer serves you or putting your heart out there for a brand-new relationship.

Does brave mean following your dreams?

Not holding back?

Taking a chance, or many?

Does it mean taking the biggest breath you have ever taken… and diving in?

She has been through hell, so believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles.

E. Corona

What Would Happen If You Were Just A Little Braver?

Think now about what it would mean for you to do these things? Would it mean that you challenged the view of yourself, and you turned it on its head? That you silenced your internal dialogue, telling you that you would fail. That you could stamp out the self-belief that you would waste time, money and energy because you weren’t good enough.

What it may also mean is that you grew. You grew more confident and capable, more believing in yourself. The idea that you couldn’t was quashed, and you happily arrived at a place where you could. Are you content to sit quietly in the soft chair of predictability and comfort?  

You took a calculated risk and busted through the fear-created roadblocks and just did it. Would it mean that you would be proud of yourself? Perhaps you would feel accomplished, stronger and more alive? Maybe this act of bravery would reinforce that the next act of bravery might be just a little more in reach?

Would bravery challenge the fear you keep as a guard-dog to your goals, snapping at your pluckiness each time you extend your hand towards change?

Would bravery silence that nagging little voice in your head? The one who knows your capability fully, rising now and then to air frustration.

What version of you would there be if you were just a little braver?


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