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50 Self-Care Tips You Can Start Right Now!

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Do you need tips on kick-starting your self-care practice and stick at it every day?

Acts of self-care can bring about thoughts of time-consuming, costly, and every-now-and-then events.  Lengthy acts of self-indulgence and grandiose Instagram-worthy expensive rituals that smell a lot like sandalwood and cost a lot like a monthly grocery shop. And if that’s all self-care is, of course, you’re not going to do it regularly. Being busy all the time should not be a default life position.

The essence of self-care is doing what your body, mind and soul need to refuel. Self-care is about intentional moments for you to breathe again and refuel.

Being intentional means committing to yourself in the same way you care for and support others.

Self Care Shouldn’t Be An Optional Extra

You are probably doing lots of things in your life aimed at self-care. Perhaps you didn’t think of these things as self-care because they are just what you do. The daily walk, the morning coffee, the nighttime reading routine – these are all things you may do to unwind. You have intrinsically known these are the things that refuel and revive you.

So, knowing how easy looking after yourself can be, what else can you bring to your life? Perhaps in small ways to reconnect with yourself, top up your coping cup and create time and space for yourself.

Self-Care is Not Selfish

Laugh out loud. Watcha movie, stand up, call a friend or just find yourself hilarious…whatever, just laugh.

Lose yourself in a good book. Be transported out of your own real-life and into a new and fantastic world. If only for a moment.

Feel the sun on your face. Look up to the sky and feel the comforting warmth of the sun.

Practice yoga. Stretch until you are all loosey-goosey. Enjoy the sensation of a subtle yet powerful movement.

Enjoy pampering. Get a massage, a facial or a body treatment and enjoy the gentle and therapeutic feeling of touch.  

Bake. Then share your yummy creations…. or don’t!  

Enjoy a warm shower. Include lovely soaps and lotions, like the queen you are.

Hug your pet. Obviously, it goes without saying, but it is so therapeutic and comforting, and your pet will love you even more!

Plan a holiday or short break. Have something to look forward to because you work hard and deserve it!

Organise a coffee or lunch date with the girls. Just catch up and share. Also, see self-care practice #1.

Colour your world. Relax with an adult colouring book. Addictive.

Express yourself with paint. Create something beautiful, imperfect or inspiring – wherever your skills are at.

Make a card for someone special. Feel warm fuzzies writing words of love.

Journal your thoughts. Notice a lighter and freer feeling. Aaaah.  

Dance. However, you feel, even if it’s bad.

Woman walking dog in the forest

Be Intentional

Be creative. Make something crafty and show it off in your home.

Plant a tree or flowers. Enjoy a bit more nature in your life.

Sort through photographs. Relive unforgettable memories that transport you back in time.

Schedule tech-free time. Intentional time away from your phone, computer, tablet, TV, and neck-craning devices.

Drink lots of water.

Cook a new healthy dish. Notice how nourishing it feels for your body.

Schedule sleep time. Be aware of how you feel when you are well-rested.  

Enjoy a caffeine-free tea before bed. Feel the calm of your body as it prepares you for rest.

Sing. Loudly and unashamedly.

Meditate. Feel the quiet in your mind and create space.

Enjoy your garden. Hear all the sounds of nature your yard has invited.

Breathe deeply. Feel the sensation in your lungs and feel the stress flow from your body.

Lay on the grass. Feel the support of the earth beneath you.

Woman laying in a field

Have a picnic. In your backyard!

Take a nap. Rest without the guilt and wake up refreshed.

Leave work at work. Be intentional and create a positive work/life balance.

Make your own face mask. Raid the pantry and get creative.

Mani or Pedi. Yes, please!

Take yourself out on a date. It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner… or an afternoon glass of Sav. Let’s not be judgy.

Walk on the beach. Feel the sensations on your bare feet.

Use free-weights. Feel the burn and impress yourself with your strength.

Sink into a spa. Enjoy the peace and the feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Go hiking. Feel the fresh, crisp air in your lungs.

Go for a walk or a run. Energy creates energy.

Do a puzzle. Take a time-out from your phone and your internal chatter. Instead, direct your attention to challenging (or simple) tasks for a while.

Buy a bunch of flowers. Create a wonderfully fragrant and calming home.

Practice mindfulness. Clear your thoughts and bring yourself back to the here and now.

Go swimming. Feel fabulous and weightless.

Make a pot of tea. Notice your senses light up.

Sing. Loudly, wildly, and shamelessly.

Heat up in a spa. Sweat up a storm and feel the detox.

Stop. Just be with zero distractions. Enjoy you for a while.

Write some mantras or positive affirmations. Or spent time Googling some that resonate.

Light a beautifully fragrant candle or burn incense. Create a sense of warmth and peace.

Ask for help. Share the load, feel lighter, reach out and get support from people who care about you.

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