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Simple Ways To Destress Everyday

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So. Busy. That’s pretty much normal everyday life, right? Perhaps you are looking for a few extra ways to destress? Relaxing our minds from all of life’s noise is important to finding clarity, space and positive mental health. Constant busyness has made us reluctant experts in the act of ‘doing’. Rushing around can feel like a default life position, and taking time out causes all sorts of anxieties. However, balance is healthy.

1. Slow Things Down

Decluttering the mind comes with slowing down, even just a little while. For me, it’s my body that tells me when it’s time to slow my brain down. When I am doing too much, I start to feel drained and sluggish. It’s important to recognise these signs and realise when enough is enough. Listen to yourself and value what you need.

Easing up on rushing around allows us to prioritise and find balance. When there is so much going on, soon we find ourselves pulled in all directions. Slowing down all the stuff that we think is important helps ease our emotional, physical and mental stress.

Slowing down allows us to be mindful and present. Pause for a moment. Take a reset on the running around and just be present. Whether it’s playing with the kids, walking the dog, taking a yoga class – whatever that thing is you love to do, be fully present in it and enjoy it completely.

If it is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.

Cheryl Strayed

2. Take Time Out To Distress

Give yourself permission to breathe. Give yourself the nod of approval to take time out for yourself, a generous act of self-love. Carve out some time for yourself and reconnect. Perhaps it’s as simple as a quiet morning coffee while listening to the world rise without the distractions of alarms, or phones or the hustle and bustle.

Value yourself that you know what you need. You know you best and decluttering your mind means honouring what is important to you. Embrace the belief that you can be a better version of yourself when you are whole.

Jump back into your day better than ever, when you are ready. That time out and recharge does wonders for your ability to manage your day, develop resilience and focus on what comes next.

3. Destress And Sit In Stillness

It’s difficult, but there is so much power in resisting the urge to be busy all of the time. We are so focused on doing. Even being on holidays or taking a day for ourselves is mostly focused on doing things.

Rarely are we actually not doing at all. How weird! By not doing, we are then creating space to be still.

Be present in small tasks. The smallest of tasks can be perfect – like brushing your teeth. I like to practice being present in this task, mainly because it always feels like the longest two minutes ever! I close my eyes and remain aware of my wandering mind, bringing it back to the task.

Challenge yourself to be still and present in even the smallest of things you do.

4. Be Okay With Silence

There can be a real fear of silence. Filling the silence can be preferable to sitting and refecting. This is noticeable with people who fill gaps in conversation breaks – the space of silence that feels so uncomfortable that it must be filled with chatter.

However, silence is the perfect time for reflection. If we are always filling the gap, we are continually filling up our mind with more clutter. Being silent creates clarity, the challenge is to not run from that.

Clutter and noise can be a form of escapism. Soon, we find ourselves on a slippery slope of avoidance. Finding a balance is important. We certainly don’t have to be quiet, introspective and reflective all the time. Still, it’s about finding that balance of silence to remain healthy.

5. Love Your Own Company

Loving your own company is about being on your own and being totally okay with that. Love that you are all you need at that moment. When you have filled all your moments with anyone or everyone, it is difficult to see that you are enough. That you are the one who is valuing yourself.

Being on your own gives you an amazing opportunity to just do you. To do what you love, without apology and without comomise. You get to be you and just be happy with all the things that you enjoy.

Do Things A Bit Differently – See What Happens

It is healthy to take time to ease our minds, declutter and reset. We can be purposeful in creating space for ourselves, to tap into what we need. We can discover what is truly important and was is serving us well.  

Being aware of how we feel can guide us to know what we need to do to declutter our minds and be even freer to jump back into our busy lives, whatever they look like.

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